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Rocky Stephens, CEO

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I am a detail-oriented, result-driven professional who specializes in offering business consulting services spanning a range of service areas. I started off my career like most professionals, performing the tasks allocated to me. But, as time passed, I realized that I was working more and learning less. I also began to realize that, at any given point of time, there was more that converged upon my tasks than I could see. I realized quickly that the key for me was to learn across the board, and that the services I offered must converge various areas of expertise.

Quickly, I began to learn about others areas of work that were related to my core expertise and began figuring out ways to improve each by enhancing the other. Things, as they say, led to things, and I started off my consulting career by consulting for the very organization where I worked as full-time employee. After that, there was no stopping.

I have been consulting now for a number of years and have been adding more and more to my skill-set in terms of both capability and insight. With every contract, therefore, I bring more on board and am able to reflect enhancements in my skills in all other projects at the same time. If you are looking for someone who can understand your business and offer guidance and materials that can help you enhance your existing bottomline, I guess I am the guy for you!

For detailed information about my education and capabilities, please look up my resume and the services section of this web site.